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Posted by on Dec 1, 2016 in Granny Flats |

Build your own Granny flat today

As the name suggests, granny flats are those accommodations which are partly or completely occupied by your elderly relatives. These flats are basically for the ones who cannot afford their own big houses. It is a very small type of a flat containing only one room, a kitchen, and one washroom, for elderly people having basic needs. Now there are 2 types of granny flats which the professionals provide:-

Portable Granny Flats –

These are portable flats and can be moved easily from one place to another depending on where the customer wants it to stay put. This does not provide any harm to the interiors of your house as it can be put on wheels or can be pulled around with the help of professionals only. These houses are perfect for the ones who do not want to live in one place and have the benefits of moving around according to their convenience. 

Custom made portable granny flats –

Now, these are flats which are made according to the specific needs of the customers. These needs can be based on either the categories of the land or the interior facilities. The professionals such as Little Aussie Homes will cater to the services of the customers, from anything to everything. Everything which is put into the making of the house is 100% genuine and trustworthy and having a guarantee because customer satisfaction is the only aim.

The portable granny flats typically come under the category of very small houses but the essential features can be the same as of a bigger and larger house depending on the customer’s wants. Some of the latest technologies that have come in granny flats are that they can be accessed through remotes, it is a very easy and essential feature for families who want to keep an eye on their elderly. Either the granny flats can be made separately as self-contained houses or they can be attached to their family homes where they can live near to their families.

There are many benefits of having granny flats –

  • It is a source of extra beneficial income as it can be given as a property of rent. It can either be an investment or just a place for your elderly family members. It is useful both ways.
  • A granny flat can escalate the value of a property in the eyes of buyers and investors as it is considered as an extra room for families or for property dealers.
  • These flats are council approved faster than normal houses and in not more than 20 days, which is an added benefit.

The best part about having a granny flat is that they take no time in getting built and it generally takes the professionals less than 3 months to construct it completely inside out. So hiring a professional in this case is the most suitable option.